Generally speaking, Hollywood tends to make money on their movies. Being the most recent and the most profitable of all time, consider James Cameron’s Avatar and let’s peg the budget of that film around $300 million, although I’ve seen varying numbers. When all was said and done, the film brought in just that $300 million short of $3 billion worldwide. I imagine producers sit in their big Hollywood chairs thinking that they will gladly spend hundreds of millions of dollars if it will bring in that kind of return but I wonder, which stands a reason that they must wonder, is it really worth that much money?

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Get Your Film Fix Ep. 32 (Rubber)

This is where the rubber meets the road as we discuss Quentin Dupieux homage to classic B movies with his film Rubber.  We talk about the importance of plot and story in narrative fiction. Then it is a most recent segment of get your film history with get your film fix as we delve into the 1960’s. We top it all off with our top 5 non-human characters.

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JGL vs. Gosling



Due to it being tied, I am reposting JGL vs. Gosling. These guys have some serious fans.

So it has been a while since we had a head to head debate on Get Your Film Fix. The last time was Damon vs. DiCaprio which was so close we still need your votes to determine a winner. We debated the acting merits of Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio because we considered them two of, or maybe the single two greatest actors of their generation. Lately we have been thinking who is out there that is a bit (only a bit) younger than Damon and DiCaprio that could possible take over their throne. Two of our  most talked about and favorite young actors are Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ryan Gosling. When the two actors are brought up together the next natural progression of the conversation becomes the Sophie’s Choice question; If I had to only pick one, who would it be?

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Check out this weeks edition of the Exterior films podcast where Jeremy talks about his experience on the feature Last September and defends the Get Your Film Fix top 100!

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Rubber (2010)

Directed by: Quentin Dupieux
Starring: Stephen Spinella, Jack Plotnick, Roxane Mesquida

I am always in support of film-makers getting creative with concepts, ideas or characters but where does the rubber meet the road when it comes to going to far? Rubber by writer/director Quentin Dupieux is one of those films that should have put on the brakes and tried to be more like the films it referenced at the beginning. Rubber is a movie that breaks down the audiences relationship to films. Rubber is a sort of social experiment that asks the proverbial tree falling in the woods question, but this time it is more, if a movie doesn’t have an audience, does it cease to exist?

Quentin Dupieux’s film starts out very intriguing. It presents its audience with a set of very curious, yet humorous images. We see a dozen or so wooden chairs staggered on a barren desert road. We see a nerdy man holding around 15 sets of binoculars. then a vehicle comes up the road knocking over every single one of those chairs. Then the vehicle stops, a man in a police uniform gets out of the car and stares directly into the camera and this is when the great experiment begins, because he tells both us as the viewing audience, and the crew of people who came to watch the movie through the binoculars, that “the film you are about to see is an homage to ‘no reason’, that most powerful element of style.” That manifesto gives Dupieux the ability from then on, not only to make no sense, but also to forget about the very elements that make story telling intriguing.

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I know in America you simply cannot thrive without a healthy ego.  America likes winners and people who are boastful, just look at Charlie Sheen right now.  People are heartily enjoying his bombast.  Me, I like the self-deprecating type.  Most douche-baggy people, say fascist dictators for example, lack the perspective and distance from their own ego to be self-effacing.  Just from seeing certain actors interviewed, I feel I can get a sense that they do or do not have a healthy sense humility.  I know in today’s society you are thought to have low self esteem if you don’t think that every belch that comes out of you is a symphony, but I like people who are willing to understate their own achievements.  Continue Reading »

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